"Alright. Every band always tells you to raise your middle finger, for fuck this, fuck that. But we think thats boring. We want you to hold up your ring finger, because there is some one out there in this world that wants to sleep next to you every night." - Patrick Stump 

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gerard way through the eras

I hear you’ve been having some problems with your band, and I wonder, would you like to tell me about them? D’arcy: I … I’m sorry if … I don’t mean to … to be insulting at all, I just don’t think that any amount of therapy is ever going to help this band. Jimmy is incredibly paranoid all of the time, and James, it’s different thing with him every week. It’s, you know … one week he thought that his dog was possessed, and … and Billy flew off the handle and just couldn’t take it anymore, so he said, you know, “Well fine, let’s get a witch doctor, then.” So we went to this witch doctor. And then the next month it was the tarot card reader, you know …